How does Beegie pronounce her first name?

The correct pronunciation of “Beegie” is to simply say the letters B-G. The “G” sounds like “gee, aw shucks.”

Where can I buy sheet music of Beegie’s music?

At this time, there are no transcriptions of Beegie’s music available. Should they become available, we’ll announce the new products here and through her email list. Make sure you’re registered to receive Beegie’s periodic email newsletters and Facebook Page to stay current with the latest happenings.

What kind of piano does Beegie prefer to play?

Beegie exclusively prefers to play pianos made by Steinway & Sons. The world’s finest piano maker added Beegie to its official artist roster in August 2002 (only one of five pianists worldwide added to Steinway’s artist roster that year).

When will Beegie be appearing in my area?

Contact Ed Keane Associates to add Beegie to your event calendar.

How many CDs has Beegie recorded?

Beegie has 32 recordings to her name, counting all six projects in her box set. She has also appeared on scores of other projects throughout her extensive career. For a complete discography, click here to view the Music page.

Where can I buy Beegie’s CDs?

Beegie’s recordings can be purchased directly through BeegieAdair.com…simply click the “Buy Now” button in the Music section…as well as select retailers nationwide.